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Kindergarten Bern

Kindergarten in Bern

Holzbau Partner AG and Kast Kaeppeli Architekten conceived for the city of Bern a bright wooden pavilion which hosts a new kindergarten. Fulfilling the requirements of the Minergie-P-Eco standard, particularly with the use of Saint-Gobain ISOVER technologies, the premises replace the old Haspelweg kindergarten closed because of indoor air quality issues.
Reference TLC nursing home

TLC nursing home

The TLC centre in Kildare extends the existing nursing home accommodations with 49 single bedrooms, assisted bathroom, treatment room, collective spaces and administrative offices. Intending to offer the best comfort to the residents, a special attention is paid to the building airtightness and its moisture control rating.
Reference Chambre de bonne

«Chambres de bonne» converted to luxury apartments

On the last floor of a five-storey Haussmanian building from 1860, twenty old “chambres de bonne” have been rehabilitated into three upmarket apartments. The owner wished to create three different atmospheres in a total surface of 350 m², in the heart of Paris.