Sarking is a method used to enhance the installation of the wooden or metal frames of a pitched roof. Implemented mostly for roof renovation, the insulation layers are installed from outside and continuously laid between and/or above the rafters. They reduce thermal bridges and improve the acoustic performance of the roof.

Refurbishment from outside
Additional insulation on rafter
Standard insulation on rafter
Refurbishment system

Sarking is an external insulation solution for pitched roofs installed above the rafters, which is often used:

  • In renovating the roof space into a living space
  • When it is not feasible or practicable to place insulation between the rafters from inside
  • When the wooden or metal frames of the roof should remain visible from the interior for aesthetic reasons

Layers of thermal insulation are uniformly and continuously laid on the outside of the roof. They limit thermal bridges and thereby reduce heat losses and condensation risks. The acoustic properties are also enhanced which contributes to improvement of the global comfort. Materials commonly used are panels in between the rafters in combination with rigid boards (e.g.: PIR boards, wood fibre boards), and mineral wool on the top of rafters. The airtightness layer is generally provided by membranes installed on the heated side of the construction.


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